Mig-Sune-Do Arnis/Escrima

Mig-Sune-Do Escrima De San Miguel

 in Cebu City.

The Chief Instructor - Rome Italy: Grandmaster Alberto D. Dacayana SR.

The Chief Instructor - Cebu City: Master Alberto "Jhun" Dacayana JR.

In 1962 Alberto D. Dacayana Sr., began his studies in the unique style of San Miguel Escrima, with the late Grandmaster Felimon "Momoy" Canete. Momoy was considered, during his time, as the "Walking Bible of Eskrima".

Grandmaster Alberto D. Dacayana SR.

Master Alberto "Jhun" Dacayana JR and student during a demonstration.

Grandmaster Dacayana elbow breaking technique demonstation in the earely 70's in front of approx. 5000 of his military students at camp Lapu Lapu, Lahug, Cebu City.

Grandmaster Dacayana head breaking technique demonstation in the earely 70's in front of approx. 5000 of his military students at camp Lapu Lapu, Lahug, Cebu City.

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It was during this period that Albert Dacayana began to gain recognition from his Grandmaster as a rare individual who could easily create techniques based on anticipation. In the 1970's Albert Dacayana was given the authority to teach thousands of soldiers at Camp Lapu Lapu, Lahug, Cebu City, as an official instructor of both Eskrima and Combat Judo, while also being active in the service of the Military Philippine Constabulary.

Grandmaster Alberto D. Dacayana SR and students in Rome, Italy.

Grandmaster Alberto D. Dacayana SR demonstrating for students in Rome, Italy.

In September 20th 1971, Albert Dacayana founded the Mig-Sune-Do Eskrima club. Mig-Sune-Do is an evolution of Martial Arts from the ancient, to the latest empty hand and modified stick fighting techniques. These fighting techniques aim to develop self confidence, courage and discipline. It is an original combination of Eskrima,Combat Judo and Wing Chun Kung Fu which produces a perfect defense and fighting system.

Grandmaster Albert Dacayana is presently living in Rome, Italy continually propagating the art of of Mig-Sune-Do. His son Master Alberto "Jhun" Dacayana currently continues the instruction in Cebu City, the Philippines.

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Mig-Sune-Do Style profile:

Mig: Derived from the word Miguel from the San Miguel Eskrima Style.

Sune: From the word Sun or Clearness, to easily apply the techniques.

Do: Apply / make a way or path.

Founder: Grandmaster Alberto Dacayana Sr.

Influences: Stickfighting - San Miguel Style - Knife fighting - Combat Judo - Wing Chun Kung Fu

Techniques: 40% anticipation
40% defense and offense, including grappling, locking, trapping, throwing and takedowns.

20% instinct base moves.

Founded: September 20th, 1971.


12 Common Strikes


1. Foreward stance - abanico - temple
2. Foreward stance - abanico - temple
3. Going to back stance - collarbone
4. Foreward stance - rib to chin
5. Going to back stance - rib to chin
6. Foreward stance - collarbone

7. Going to back stance - plansa - waist
8. Foreward stance - plansa - waist
9. Going to back stance - totsar -hooking to eyes
10. Step back to cross leg - snap
11. Foreward stance - flywheel - top of head
12. Going to back stance - groin

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Master Alberto "Jhun" Dacayana can be contacted in Cebu City by:

Phone number Res: (your international code) 63 32 232 0123

His cellular mobile phone number is:

Phone in the Philippines: 0916 8620 897

Phone from outside the Philippines: (Your International Code) 63 916 8620 897

e-mail: migsunedo@yahoo.com

Grandmaster Alberto D.Dacayana can be contacted in Rome Italy by:

Phone: 06 218 6344


339 471 9024

Addrerss: Via Prenestina,

359 Scalala E,

Int. 700177,

Roma, Italy.


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