Philippine instructors information list on Arnis/Escrima
"CAM-MASO" Celso Amora Mabalhin - Martial Arts and Sports Organisation,
Chief Instructor Floro S. Mabalhin, affiliated to the Doce Pares Federation in Cebu City.
"COJUKA" Combat, Judo, Karate and Arnis - with Grandmaster Miguel J. Fernandez.
"Lapunti Arnis de Abanico International" with Grandmaster Prudencio "Undo" or "Ondo" Caburnay.
"Mig-Sune-Do" Escrima De San Miguel with GrandmasterAlberto D. Dacayana SR; and his son Master Alberto "Jhun" Dacayana JR.

"Moro-moro Orabes General" with Grandmaster Alejandro "Andrew" or "Andy" Abrian.

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