Below are two animated gifs taken from the video of the Balintawak section of the Arnis-Kali-Escrima 1st World Instructors Seminar in Cebu City, August 1987. One features Teofilo Velez and Henry Jayme and one is of Ramon Velez and Manuel Loguias.

These are only a small size window. These can be viewed by clicking on the link below or hold down shift  while clicking on the link (Shift-Click), this will save the file direct to your hard drive enabling you to still browse.

Henry Jayme & Teofilo Velez
(approx. 3fps-Animated Gif: 1.3MB)

Ramon Velez & Manny Loguias
(approx. 3fps-Animated Gif:  933552 bytes -under a MB)

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