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V.M.A. Shield.

Balintawak History.
A brief history of the Balintawak style as taught in the VMA.
The page also contains photo's of some of Henry Jayme's previous training partners.

Academy Ligorio in Turin Italy were the hosts to Henry Jayme for a seminar trip to Europe, March 2003.
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Characteristics of the Balintawak Style.
A simple outline of instruction of the Balintawak Grouped Style as taught in the VMA.
G.M. Teovil Velez.

Rare Video.
Rare Video footage of Grandmaster Teofilo Velez and the Balintawak section of the Arnis Escrima Kali 1st World Instructors Seminar of 1987 was received in 1998. It's old video but those that were there may be interested. See if you can see your face in the video still captures.

C.D.O.C. Balintawak
Advance World Martial Arts Balintawak School in Cagayan De Oro City, Mindanao.
Headed by Master Rico Raagas Carino. Check out the video freeze frames of Master Rico and his students. It was dark with poor lighting for video but you'll see some great Escrimador's in action.
Henry Jayme and Manny Loqias.
Sudlon Training.
Henry Jayme, Manuel Loguias and the Sudlon Balintawak Class in one of the remaining giant caves of Sudlon, Cebu.
More Sudlon Training.
Henry Jayme and a group of Barangay Tanuds (Police) and other students in the hills of Sudlon Cebu.

Finland Balintawak Training.
Jukka-Pekka Nieminen and students at the Self-Defence School of Helsinki, Finland.

V.M.A. Shield.
VMA instructors page.
Henry Jayme and John Russell.
Villasin Balintawak International.
Grandmaster John Villasin (son of Grandmaster Atty. Jose Villasin) with his students training in T. Padilla, in Cebu City.

Villasin Balintawak International.
Grandmaster Atty. Jose Villasin tribute page. Special thanks go to John Villasin and Family and John Clark Naldoza y Lopez.

World Toevel's Balintawak Arnis: Elizar Chapter
Master Nicomedes "Nick" Elizar with various students and some video captures of the WEKAF 88 Balintawak seminar conducted by Nick.



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