Moro-moro Orabes General

Below are some pictures of Grandmaster Alejandro "Andrew" or "Andy" Abrian and his student Pepe Santiago training in Quezon City, Greater Manila area.
G.M. Andrew's style is called "Moro-moro Orabes General"

Pepe Santiago also has trained in Cebu in the early to mid 90's for two years with G.M. Abner Pasa who called his fighting method "Warrior system". Back then Pepe was told that his style was predominantly "Durendur Excalibur".

Pepe also trains in "Tat Tun Tao Kung Fu" in Quezon and also when time permits, goes whenever he can to the circle on Sundays to train with whomever will teach.

Grandmaster Andrew lives in Visayas Avenue, Quezon City. He is retired, so schedule for practice is not such a big issue. Students are taught his unique style at the Quezon Circle Park, Quezon City.

Grandmaster Andrew can be contacted at:

Phone number: (your international code) 63 2 455-3145


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