Combat, Judo, Karate and Arnis
in Cebu City.

The Chief Instructor: Grandmaster Miguel J. Fernandez.

Miguel J. Fernandez or "Mike" was born in Cebu City on Sept 29, 1938. At the age of 14 he trained with "Demetrio Arong". Demetrio's style was old Doce Pares styles and combat judo. The late Demetrio lived on Mactan Island.

Miguel after completing his training with Demitrio, started instructing with Demetrios' old styles. Another of Miguel's Arnis styles is the "TORSIDO" style or twisting style. This style originates from Iloilo where it is called in the local dialect "BAKHAN TAPADO" which translates roughly into "To level the ground with a big or large weapon". The stick used in training in this style is about 40 inches long. He has also learnt an early pre-grouped style of Balintawak. His instructor's name was "Sergio Arcel" a one time assistant of Anciong Bacon. In 1957 He began training in Kodokan sports Judo taught by Michael Sanchez, a University of San Carlos instructor.

The COJUKA style that he now teaches is the culmination of his learning. COJUKA means Combat, Judo, Karate and Arnis. His method of teaching: Exercises with applications in fighting; punching with stationary position combination in boxing style; Waving and punching in different target points. This is not applicable for tournament, this style is for combat only.

The style teaches different footwork combinations, halfmoon blocking and emergency blocking. Double parrying up and down, blocking and holding, bone breaking, clipping techniques, and jerking and locking.

Dagger disarming and Dagger thrusting; Body throwing, ground clipping and locking. Mike's current position is within the C.S.U. the Civil Security Unit, The office of the Mayor, City of Cebu.

Grandmaster Miguel can be contacted at:

Postal address: Cebu City, Philippines, 6000.

Phone number: (your international code) 63 32

His cellular mobile phone number is:

Phone in the Philippines:

Phone from outside the Philippines: (Your International Code) 63


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