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Sinulog festivities.
Sinulog festivities.

The view from Hadsan.
Off Mactan

Tuba, coconut palm wine.
Tuba, the local drink!

Looking back towards Hadsan Beach.
Hadsan Beach on Mactan

Henry Jayme having a quick dip. Henry Jayme having a quick dip.
Henry Jayme at the small falls in Sudlon.

Near the beach and western highway.
Below Kawasan falls, near Moalboal

Popoy Quebec and friends playing Majong.
Majong players at Panagsama Beach.

John above Argao.
John Russell above Argao Beach

John and Popoy off Mactan.
John and Popoy off Mactan

Arnis/Escrima in Sudlon.
John Russell and Blas Bitor Training in Sudlon.

Don't get too close to the edge.
Looking down from the road going to Sudlon.

Make room, make room.
Up the road to Sudlon

Tomato fields.
Tomato fields in Sudlon

I didn't know this photo was being taken.
John Russell training at Sudlon

Arnis/Escrima again.
Training with Lucas Arita

Woolen jumpers and hats in the Phil's? Looks like a cold day in Sudlon.
Blas Bitor and his family


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